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    W5: Tearik Drako - brainstorming

    Lord Kai

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    Re: W5: Tearik Drako - brainstorming

    Post  Lord Kai on Fri Jun 30, 2017 11:41 pm

    Derek S wrote:I would go with just Rogue or Raptarion, not Rogue Raptorian.  The problem here is like the Wild Human or Giant clause in Dreadgul's debate.  Are the beakface Rogue as well?

    Yes the Beakface are a Rogue squad.

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    Re: W5: Tearik Drako - brainstorming

    Post  Nomad on Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:09 pm

    Capuans have bonding with "Human Gladiator Hero", Knights of Weston and MacDirk Warrios have bonding with "Human Champion", and Blade and Heavy Gruts have bonding with "Orc Champion".

    In each of these cases, the Species and Class is listed. It would be the same for "Rogue Raptorian." The problem with the Dreadguls is that they have bonding with two Species.

    That being said, I think I will start play testing with just the Beakface Sneaks bonding. Keeping class as predator and 100 points for now.

    After taking a turn with the Beakface Sneaks, you may take a turn with Tearik Drako.


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    Re: W5: Tearik Drako - brainstorming

    Post  Nomad on Sat Jul 15, 2017 11:05 am

    Three play tests.

    Beakface Sneaks x3, Quorik Warwitch, Darrin Razorbeak, Rattlesnake Reed, Tearik Drako, Sentinels of Grax = 510 points

    Battle #1 v. Varkaanan Quickblades, Greyspears, Swiftfangs, Darkclaws, Arktos = 505 points
    @ Myrr Isabrot

    Summary: This was fairly close . . . until the end of the second round. Arktos was heroic and the Greyspears put a hurting on Quorik from range. The battle lasted five rounds. The Varkaanans had 248 points remaining.

    Thoughts: Tearik made the Sneaks more fun to play with. But, he turned out to be that new and shiny toy the Varks couldn't resist playing with. Tearik killed a Greyspear and put two wounds on Arktos for a total of 65 points before falling on OM #3 in turn from the spears of Arktos and Greys. Tearik's potential made him the early target and prevented him from getting his points worth. Tearik will need to be played more strategically instead of rushing into battle to make him worthwhile.

    Battle #2 v. Gorillinators x2, Agent Scarlett, Nakita Agents, Zaeus = 510 points
    @ Falcon

    Summary: Different battle this time. It lasted into the 5th round with the hot-rolling Raptorian army cruising to victory with 372 points left. Only one Sneak fell. The trio of Darrin, Quorik, and Tearik wore through the Vydar army's defenses. Darrin single-handedly took out Zaeus with two attacks of 4 at the end of the 3rd round. Vydar lost an OM and the route was on.

    Thoughts: Tearik ended the battle with one life remaining. He killed four Gorillinators and two Nakitas for a total of 200 points. So, he did get his points worth in this battle. Tearik was played a little more strategically by not rushing into a scrum. He was good to engage Nakitas with because of his large size.

    Battle #3 v. Alpha Prime Enforcer x3, Commander Kaelix, Drow Chainfighter x2, Dumutef Guard x2, Warden 816, Isamu, Mistress Isadora = 505 points
    @ Elswin Plateau

    Summary: This was the most fun I've had doing a play test in forever. It took 12 rounds. It came down to Isadora against a Grax (and one imprisoned on Izzy's card). At the end, the Grax hit Izzy with 3 skulls. Izzy only managed two shields in seven dice. The Grax in prison escaped, so the Raptorian army won with 100 points left. But it could have gone either way. This seemed like it would be a route early. From the 6th round on, Izzy was pretty much on her own - and she was amazing! The Mistress was hot with the 20-sider, putting 4 Sneaks, Rattlesnake Reed, a Grax, and Quorik (twice!) in cyber prison. Fun times.

    Thoughts: Tearik took out a Chainfighter, a Dumutef, and an Enforcer. He also put 3 wounds on Commander Kaelix. Tearik fell in the 5th round . . . but was hanging on with only 1 life left for a couple of rounds, so he kind of stayed out of the fray. Tearik killed a total of 147 points.

    Reflections: I would say Tearik is fairly comparable to a Wyvern in terms of points. He will fall fast if he is put into a scrum with multiple attackers or common squads. Best to be selective. He does make the Sneaks a whole lot of fun to play with, which was the intent of the design. Right now, I am thinking to drop his life from 5 to 4 or bumping his points to 110. Or both. He averaged 137 points of damage in the three battles. Tearik will need to be rebased on a large single hex base. I am also going to cut down the pole his on top of considerably.

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    Re: W5: Tearik Drako - brainstorming

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