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    Brainstorming - Bearded Devil

    Lord Kai
    Lord Kai

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    Brainstorming - Bearded Devil Empty Brainstorming - Bearded Devil

    Post  Lord Kai on Sun Nov 06, 2016 12:33 pm

    Lord Kai wrote:This is the "Bearded Devil" from the new Pathfinder Battles Deadly Foes set (releasing this month).

    Brainstorming - Bearded Devil 24beardeddevil2

    I am thinking of a VALKRILL unique hero to help the Deathknights and Mezzodemon's slow progress on the battlefield as 2-person squads.

    BEARDED DEVIL (unique name pending)

    Figure: Game, Set, Figure Name, Figure #  Pathfinder Battles, Deadly Foes, Bearded Devil (uncommon)

    General: VALKRILL
    Planet: ??

    Species: Demon
    Unique Hero
    Class: Lord
    Personality: Relentless
    Medium 5

    Life: 5
    Move: 5
    Range: 1
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 3
    80 Points

    After moving and before attacking, you may reveal an X order marker on this Army Card to activate Demonic Gate.  When activated, roll the 20-sided die to determine how many Demon or Undead figures you control that you may place adjacent to Bearded Devil.  Figures placed with Demonic Gate will not take any leaving engagement attacks.  If you roll 1-3, nothing happens.  If you roll 4-8, place 1 figure.  If you roll 9-13, place 2 figures.  If you roll 14-17, place 3 figures.  If you roll 18-20, place 4 figures.

    Figures attacked by Bearded Devil subtract 1 from their defense dice.


    Army Builds:
    # 1
    Deathknights of Valkrill x4 ... 240
    Bearded Devil ... 320
    Skull Demon x2 ... 450
    Marro Warriors ... 500

    # 2
    Mezzodemons x4 ... 260
    Bearded Devil ... 340
    Morgoloth ... 480
    Marcu Esenwein ... 500

    # 3
    Bearded Devil ... 80
    Uvall ... 185
    Bloodhunter Harpies x4 ... 445 (or Mezzo's)
    Marro Warriors ... 495

    # 4
    Bearded Devil ... 80
    Skeletons of Anna x3 ... 395
    Iskra ... 445
    Retchets ... 495

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    Brainstorming - Bearded Devil Empty Re: Brainstorming - Bearded Devil

    Post  Nomad on Mon Nov 21, 2016 8:00 pm

    Looks good. How about changing Infernal Blade to INFERNAL GLAIVE?

    He has a pretty intimidating spiked tail, do we want to build in a double attack of some sort? This would increase the points, but the demons could always use more attacks.

    First crack at a name: "Barba Rubidus" (latin for crimson beard) or just "Rubidus".

    Planet: Toril (same as all of the other demons).

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