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    W5 - Murazath, Play Testing


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    Re: W5 - Murazath, Play Testing

    Post  Nomad on Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:22 am

    Three play tests.

    Shades Of Bleakwoode x2, Murazath, Corpse Tormentors, Rechets Of Bogdan, Iskra Esenwein = 500 points

    Battle #1 v. Red Ants of Aunstrum x3, Marcus Decimus Gallus, Pulsar Soldiers x2, Master of the Hunt = 500 points
    @ Thaeberian Wellsprings

    Summary: The battle took 10 rounds to complete. The Shades were 0-15 on Soul Devour d20 rolls. Murazath was instrumental in swooping in and picking off a couple of Pulsars when they're defense was low. He brought the Tormentors into the fray early with the movement bonding, rendering the ants pretty useless by reducing they're attack and defense to just 1. Murazath fell in the 9th round to the Master of the Hunt. Granted, the Undead army rolled defense pretty well, but this was pretty much a route. After Murazath fell, Iskra and the Rechets cleaned up. A Rechet even ended the battle by taking out MDG with a perfect 3/3 roll. The Undead army had 183 points remaining.

    Thoughts: Murazath had tremendous staying power and was probably worth 150 points. The battle would have been even a bigger route had the Shades been able to pull off a Devour roll against MDG or the Master of the Hunt. I am wondering if we need to bump Murazath's points, or change his stats. I like his powers as they are.

    Battle #2 v. Thorgrim, MacDirk Warriors x2, Alastair MacDirk, Tarn Viking Warriors, Eldgrim, Finn = 510 points
    @ Savage Corridor

    Summary: What a different battle this was. The MacDirks played flawlessly. Alastair got his wound total up quickly enough to give the MacDirks some pop in their attacks. The MacDirks were rolling mostly skulls. The battle was over on turn three in the 3rd round. The Shades were only able to attempt one Soul Devour. Murazath fell to a couple of big Alastair attacks and a clean-up roll by a MacDirk on the first turn in the second round (the Undead army lost an OM). Iskra fell before should could summon the Retchets. The MacDirks had an incredible 352 points left on the battlefield.

    Thoughts: After the first battle, I was thinking Murazath was too strong. I would say this game evened things out. He got clobbered before the Tormentors could be brought out. Even the high defense values of this undead army wasn't enough against the big attack rolls provided by the highlanders.

    Battle #3 v. Sujoah, Fyorlag Spiders x3, Wyvern, Estivara, Jean de Ascalon = 505 points
    @ Falcon

    Summary: Sujoah went for the glyph on turn one, and then fell to Murazath and friends. Things started on a positive note for the Undead army. Enter Estivara, the Wyvern, and some pretty tough Spiders. Estivara's +1 attack bonus for the spiders enabled them to do damage. The Wyvern was invincible. Iskra was dead before the Rechets could be summoned. The Shades were 0-6 on Soul Devour rolls. It didn't feel like a complete route, but the Aquilla army had 273 points left, including 7 of the 9 spiders.

    Thoughts: After the first battle, I was thinking Murazath was too strong. I would say this game more than evened things out. After three play tests with this army, I think Murazath is about right in terms of stats, powers and points. I played him well in the first battle - not engaging heavy hitters and swooping in to pick off opponents. The last two battles I put him into the fray against Alastair and then against Sujoah and a bunch of 4-attack Spiders. Next, I will team him up with other undead armies to see how he will do.

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