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    Khorlis Scirh, Brainstorming



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    Khorlis Scirh, Brainstorming

    Post  Nomad on Sun Dec 04, 2016 1:56 pm

    NWHC Wave ? ā€“ Wave Title - Pack Title

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    Figure: Rackham, Confrontation, 2nd Edition Kheris Hero

    General: Valkrill
    Planet: Icaria

    Species: Icarian
    Unique Hero
    Class: Fighter
    Personality: Bold
    Medium 5

    Life: 4
    Move: 5
    Range: 1
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 2
    60 Points

    When an opponent's figure adjacent to Khorlis Scirh attacks with a normal or special attack, it must attack Khorlis Scirh.

    When rolling defense dice against a normal attack, Khorlis Scirh always adds 1 automatic shield to whatever is rolled.

    Character Bio:
    Copy text here.

    - Rulings and Clarifications -

    - N/A

    - Combinations and Synergies -

    Synergy Benefits Offered

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

    Synergy Benefits Received

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

    Synergy Imposed

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

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