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    Hatamoto Jiro, brainstorming


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    Hatamoto Jiro, brainstorming

    Post  Nomad on Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:58 am

    Hatamoto Jiro
    (Following Japanese naming conventions, Jiro means the second born son. Taro means eldest son. Hatamoto is the clan, which came from China. Nice internet history lesson for me).

    NWHC Wave ? – Wave Title - Pack Title

    PDF DOWNLOAD, front
    PDF DOWNLOAD, back

    Figure: Pathfinders Battles, Iconic Heroes Set #6, Hayato, human samurai

    General: Einar
    Planet: Earth

    Species: Human
    Unique Hero
    Class: Samurai
    Personality: Disciplined
    Medium 5

    Life: 5
    Move: 5
    Range: 1
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 2
    30 Points

    Any figure you control with the Heroic Defense Aura special power may have that aura enhanced to include normal attacks from non-adjacent figures.

    When rolling defense dice for Hatamoto Jiro, if Hatamoto Jiro is adjacent to at least one figure who follows Einar that you control, add one automatic shield to the defense roll.

    Character Bio:
    Copy text here.

    - Rulings and Clarifications -

    - N/A

    - Combinations and Synergies -

    Synergy Benefits Offered

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

    Synergy Benefits Received

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

    Synergy Imposed

    -Figure Name: Power
    Plain Text

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