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    Bulette - brainstorming

    Lord Kai

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    Bulette - brainstorming

    Post  Lord Kai on Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:25 am

    Picked up this mini on a whim from eBay.  Seems pretty cool - is basically a nice burrowing/tunneling monster that takes up a full, large - round base so the whole hex.  Idea is that the Bulette can travel underground and *stay* underground (represented by a Pit Trap glyph on the board - though we'll customize a glyph to represent this).



    Figure: D&D Icons of the Realm Monster Menagerie 32/45 Bulette

    General: Aquilla
    Planet: Eberron

    Species: Bulette
    Unique Hero
    Class: Hunter
    Personality: Tricky
    Large 6

    Life: 5
    Move: 4
    Range: 1
    Attack: 6
    Defense: 3

    110 Points

    Range 1.  Attack 4
    Any non-flying figure(s) adjacent to Bulette is affected by Eruption Special Attack.  Roll attack dice once for all affected figures.  Each figure rolls defense separately.  

    Begin the game with one black Pit Trap glyph on this card to represent Bulette tunneling underground.  When the black Pit Trap glyph is on the board, consider it a level 1 figure with the entire glyph a hit zone.  While Bulette is tunneling, reduce its Attack value by 3 and increase its Defense value by 3.  Bulette cannot use its special attack while underground.  Opponent's figures on the black Pit Trap are considered engaged and cannot move unless a friendly figure is adjacent to them prior to moving.

    If Bulette ends its normal movement unengaged on a non-water space, you may immediately place it on any non-water space within 5 spaces that is no more than 1 level above Bulette's height or 3 levels below Bulette's base.  If there is a figure on that space, place the black Pit Trap glyph on that space and move Bulette to its Army Card.  Before taking a turn with Bulette, if there is a black Pit Trap glyph on the board, you may move using Underground Travel, as if Bulette started on that space, without taking any leaving engagements.

    Pic available:


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