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    Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ??

    Lord Kai
    Lord Kai

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    Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ?? Empty Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ??

    Post  Lord Kai on Thu Jan 18, 2018 8:31 pm

    I picked up a few of this Heimdall Heroclix figure on a whim.  Pretty cool - I'm thinking of a Ranger type character for Ullar.


    Figure:  Heimdall #004 Thor: Ragnarok Movie Gravity Feed Marvel Heroclix

    General: Ullar
    Planet: Feylund

    Species: Human
    Unique Hero
    Class: Ranger
    Personality: Disciplined
    Medium 5

    Life: 5
    Move: 6
    Range: 1
    Attack: 3
    Defense: 4
    100 Points


    Before moving Roland you may choose an unengaged friendly small or medium figure adjacent to Roland. After you moving Roland, place the chosen figure adjacent to Roland.

    Range 1, Attack 3
    Guardian Special Attack can only be used on opponents' figures that are engaged with another friendly figure.  If Roland destroys a figure with Guardian Special Attack he may attack again with Guardian Special Attack.  Roland may continue attacking with Guardian Special Attack until he does not destroy a figure.

    Roland can move through all figures and terrain objects (such as ruins or trees) as long as he ends his movement on an unoccupied space.  Roland does not have to stop his movement when entering water and he is never attacked when leaving an engagement.

    v.2 updated 1/23/2018

    Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ?? 004_Heimdall_HiresRender

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    Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ?? Empty Re: Brainstorming - Ullar Ranger ??

    Post  Nomad on Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:48 pm

    Interesting start for this figure. I will ponder.

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