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    Woflen Blademaster (Hero)

    Lord Kai

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    Woflen Blademaster (Hero)

    Post  Lord Kai on Mon May 27, 2013 3:04 pm

    Lord Kai wrote:Figures: Throne of Stars Hero box (pictured above), or Wolfen Army Box (unpainted)

    Name: Onyx


    Unit Name: Onyx, Wolfen Blademaster

    General: Aquilla

    Species: Wolf

    Type: Unique Hero

    Class: Champion

    Personality: Fearsome

    Size: Medium 6

    Points: 80


    Life: 4

    Move: 5

    Range: 1

    Attack: 3

    Defense: 3

    Special Powers


    Onyx begins the game with two combat dice on his card. At the start of each round, before placing order markers, set these two combat dice on either a skull, shield, or blank. This round, based on the combat dice from Blademaster, modify Onyx’s numbers as follows:

    Add one to Onyx’s attack this round for each skull.

    Add one to Onyx’s defense value for each shield.

    Add one to Onyx’s move for each blank.


    After rolling defense, Onyx may move 1 space for each excess shield rolled. If Onyx is engaged when he starts to move with Sideslip he will not take any leaving engagements.

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