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    W4 - Surion - Air Primordial - ready for final


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    Post  Nomad on Sat Jan 21, 2017 11:00 am

    Surion Windseeker
    NWHC Wave 4 - Fields of Wildfire - Heroes of the Tempest

    W4 - Surion - Air Primordial - ready for final - Page 3 SurionWindseeker.3.NWHC
    W4 - Surion - Air Primordial - ready for final - Page 3 SurionWindseeker.Basic.3.NWHC

    Figure: Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, Blood War, Air Genasi Swashbuckler #13

    General: Jandar
    Planet: Eberron

    Species: Primordial
    Unique Hero
    Class: Warrior
    Personality: Bold
    Medium 5

    Life: 4
    Move: 8
    Range: 1
    Attack: 4
    Defense: 5
    130 points

    After revealing an Order Marker on
    Surion Windseeker's Army Card, before taking a turn with Surion, you may take a turn with 2 Common Heroes that have the Air Mastery special power. Figures that have the Flying or Stealth Flying special power subtract 1 from their defense when attacked by Surion's normal or special attack.

    Range 1. Attack 3.
    Instead of moving and attacking normally with Surion, you may move Surion up to 4 spaces. Surion can attack up to 3 times with Cyclone Special Attack at any point before, during, or after this move as long as he is on a space where he could end his movement. Surion cannot attack the same figure more than once.

    When counting spaces for Surion Windseeker’s movement, ignore elevations. Surion may fly over water without stopping, pass over figures without becoming engaged, and fly over obstacles such as ruins. If Surion is engaged when he starts to fly, he will not take any leaving engagement attacks.

    Character Bio:
    The Primordials: For over a century, a secret order of sorcerers of Eberron sought to master the arcane arts of elemental magic. The order divided their pursuit among five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Wood. Members of the order researched rituals and spells that would help them harness and command their chosen elemental “school.” The highest ranking member of each school carried the title of Prime Master, or Primordial. The Primordials passed on their knowledge to different apprentices, and those aspiring magicians were dispatched on quests across Eberron and the other realms to increase the knowledge and power of the Primordials.

    Recently on Valhalla, the Generals of each faction have summoned a Primordial of each Elemental school. Now armed with new methods of magic, the Generals are tasking the Primordial sorcerers to use their powers in the Battle of All Time.

    As a young boy, Surion was more likely to be found running through his family’s fields or chasing after the farm’s chickens than doing his chores. He was rarely at his studies or saying is prayers, despite the family’s deep roots in the druid community. His parents were a bit concerned about the boy’s lack of focus and the dangerous stunts that he would perform. Their worries came to an end when Surion leapt from the roof of the barn and flew to the front porch. He was 11 years old.

    The druid elders, whose magic was more myth in those days, tested the boy and declared him touched by Wyld magic and dubbed him the Windseeker. In the years to come, Surion learned to fly at greater speeds and could literally speak with the spirits of the air. Soon, he was able to bind those spirits into their own humanoid forms to become Air Elementals. It took time and concentration, and the elementals did not wish to dabble in mortal affairs for long, but Surion was able to provide workers for his family farm when needed.

    As he grew older, the call to explore the world outside of his small village took the Windseeker to travel. What he found was a world in conflict, with many different races and factions vying for power. Caught in the middle of these power struggles were peasants, much like his own family. Using his abilities, Surion became a champion for the lower classes. When he wasn’t asking elementals to help build or rebuild homes or dwellings, he would act as defender against bandits or raiders (and even the occasional tax collector would be driven away). In time, he became a folk hero and brought serenity and peace to the farmers of his land.

    With his valley protected, Surion took to questing for new ways to understand his abilities. In distant lands, he sought skill at arms and became a master of the scimitar. His agility and fleetness were incredible but he could also hover and fly, attacking from above, and learning to fight upside-down took some getting used to. This certainly put his opponent’s off-balance, since he could strike in three-dimensions while they were stuck on a flat plane.

    But Surion’s ultimate achievement was to become the wind itself for short bursts of time. By calling upon his deepest magic, he could transform his body into a cyclone of swirling force. The roar of the air and the violent torrent of debris flying was devastating. In moments, he could ricochet from target to target, inflicting grievous wounds, and passing through his own forces without injury. If he timed it correctly, he could also keep part of his body formed, and use his own scimitar to strike at unearthly speed.

    At the height of his power, Surion returned to his home village. He was excited to see his family and their farm again, and perhaps even start a family of his own. But the strife of Eberron had bled over into his homeland. Creatures from another world had found their way through a portal and ravaged the area. Many farmers lost their lives and the battle wasn’t over yet.

    Enraged, Surion summoned all the elementals he could find and launched a relentless counter-attack. For days, he battled the foul creatures and their minions. On the third day, he was joined in battle by a strange holy warrior, a paladin named Rhogar Dragonspine. The dragon-born knight had come to seal the rift at the command of his order. Together the two struck at the heart of the portal but in the ensuing skirmish, both were sucked into the gate.

    When Surion awoke, he was in the Castle of Concan, and was now in Valhalla. The Kyrie commander told the Windseeker that he was pulled through a tear in dimensions that was created by the evil general, Utgar. Apparently the foul Arch-Kyrie was raiding other lands for supplies. In the disruption of the tear, others from Surion’s world had been ‘summoned’ to Valhalla.

    Learning that the conflict and destruction of his home was at the hands of Utgar gave Surion new purpose and resolve. His people needed justice and this villainy must spread no further. Utgar would be stopped, no matter the price.

    - Rulings and Clarifications -

    - N/A

    - Combinations and Synergies -

    Synergy Benefits Offered

    -AIR ELEMENTAL: Master of the Winds
    Two Air Elementals can take a turn before taking a turn with Surion Windseeker.

    Synergy Benefits Received


    Synergy Imposed

    Figures that have flying or stealth flying subtract 1 from their defense when attacked by Surion Windseeker.

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    W4 - Surion - Air Primordial - ready for final - Page 3 Empty Re: W4 - Surion - Air Primordial - ready for final

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